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Welcome to iy_ratings, a rating community for the series by Rumiko Takahashi, Inu Yasha. Like most series based rating communities, you fill out a survey and then after so many votes you get officially stamped.

When you have 3+ votes for one character you will be stamped . We will stamp everyone in order, (because then we can guarantee everyone will vote + be stamped) if you have enough votes but haven't been stamped, go vote on anyone before you that hasn't been stamped. The faster the earlier applications get voted on the sooner you'll get stamped :) There will be no ties so if you're being delayed on being stamped this is why (I'm waiting for it to sway one way or the other).

The stamped list will be listed shortly after we start stamping people.

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1. Respect one another. You may not agree with a vote but let's not get into a flaming war over it.
2. When posting a survey please elaborate as much as possible. A two second survey will get you an equally shoddy and inaccurate stamping. We're not psychics, we need you to tell us who you are before we can tell you who you remind us of.
3. Please vote even if you haven't been stamped yet. People will surely return the favour.
4. As well, when voting, please try to elaborate why you chose a certain character (as it may not be obvious to the poster).
5. Please put the words, "Take me back in time," in the subject to prove you've read the rules.
6. Bold your final choice, please bold only one vote. If you wish to change your vote, delete the previous vote and post another comment.
7. Do not post a survey with an icon displaying characters from the series. Do not post cosplay photos either unless you have been stamped. When posting non-survey material please put stamped in the subject ^^;
8. If you wish to affiliate/advertise with us please post on any of the mod's posts to ask first... to avoid spammage on the main community. Otherwise it will be deleted.
9. Photos are preferred but not necessary.
10. The entire application (as well as any photos) must be behind an LJ-cut.
11. You can choose any character to vote someone as (even if we don't have a stamp of them, we'll make one!) so long as the character you're suggesting is deep enough to have some sort of personality established.
12. Please don't sheep vote. Put some time and effort into thinking about a character, don't just vote for the sake of voting.
13. This isn't so much a rule, but you can reapply endless times. Please wait until 5 applications are posted before you reapply the first time, after that, please wait until 10 applications are posted before you reapply. This isn't done to be a pain in your ass but because if you post too soon after your first post then we might remember you and not be able to shake what we thought you as originally. Then again, stating who you were stamped as before might be a good way to avoid this, that way we'll think ok, anybody BUT this person. Hm.

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If you wish to affiliate, or have a question/problem/etc, please post here.


Stamped Members can be found here.

Thanks to kaleidoruby for the stamps!